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Sports wagering apps are more important than ever for sports bettors in Nevada.

The various sports wagering apps can make you a smarter sports bettor.

The quick access to find the best point spread or odds can be at your fingertips.

We’ll look at both scenarios and why any sports bettor visiting or living in Nevada should use a sports wagering app.

The various sports wagering apps don’t offer the same number of wagers, point spreads, or odds.

The only thing they may have in common is the software platform.

For example, the information on the Westgate sports wagering app may have different point spreads and odds from what you’ll find on the Station Casinos app even though they use the same software and look similar.

Some sports wagering apps also allow you to wager on horse racing.

These accounts may be separate, so you’ll have to fund two accounts instead of using just one.

Here’s a list of sports wagering apps by name with casino affiliation and links to download for i Os and Android devices: Download: There has been sort of a boon in sportsbook upgrades and renovations in the past five years.

Sportsbook operators and casinos in Las Vegas upgraded no fewer than 10 sports books in 2016 alone.

There will be even more sportsbook upgrades and renovations in 2018.